For Mt. San Antonio College professors' convenience, Accessibility Resource Centers for Students (ACCESS) offers an alternative testing location for students with disabilities who require accommodations.  This is to assist the professor with the legally mandated responsibility to provide testing accommodations for students with disabilities. However, if preferred, the professor may give the exam to the student under his or her personal supervision as long as the student's authorized accommodations are provided. These accommodations may include extra time, distraction-reduced environment, reader, scribe, etc.  If the professor prefers to have students take their exams in the ACCESS Office, the following conditions apply:

  1. Students are required to make appointments at least one week (7 days) advance to take their classroom exams in ACCESS to allow ACCESS to look up accommodations,  locate space and assign appropriate personnel to proctor, scribe and/or read the exam.  
  2. Exams may be emailed as an attachment to, dropped off to the ACCESS office by the professor, sent with the student (in a sealed envelope), or the professor may call ACCESS (extension 4290) to have a ACCESS staff member pick up the exam.  Exams sent through the campus mail may be lost or delayed.  Therefore, ACCESS does not recommend using this method.
  3. Your exam should be submitted along with the ACCESS Test Instruction Form to outline specific instructions for the exam to be administered.  Email to request an electronic copy of this form.
  4. If a test arrives in the ACCESS office without written instructions from the professor, ACCESS staff will attempt to contact the professor by telephone or email to obtain instructions.  If this is not successful, the student will be sent to locate the professor either in the classroom or in their office to obtain written instructions.  If this is not successful, the exam will then be held until we are able to make contact with the professor for clarification.
  5. ACCESS staff will proctor all exams administered at the ACCESS Office.
  6. Completed exams will be sealed in an envelope and will either be delivered or held in ACCESS locked files until the professor picks up the exam as per the instructions on the blue ACCESS Testing Instructions form.  
  7. Quizzes are subject to the same process and procedures as outlined for exams above.  For Pop Quizzes please call our office to make prior arrangements so we can accommodate the student.

We appreciate your cooperation and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call our office at (909) 274-4290 or email at