Admissions and Records, Extension 4415

Responsible for applications, registration, maintenance of academic records, grades, and evaluation of transcripts.

Assessment Center, Extension 4265

Assesses academic achievement through college placement tests.

Bookstore (SAC BOOK RAC), Extension 4475

Sells college textbooks and other supplies.

Bridge Program, Extension 5392

The Bridge Program is a learning community designed to increase students' academic and personal success through the structuring of the learning environment.

CalWORKs, Extension 4500

The CalWORKs program provides intensive instruction, counseling, and support services as well as work experience/work study opportunities for students currently receiving TANF or cash aid benefits.

Campus Security, Extension 4555

Provides security for the campus community. Escorts are available.

CARE, Extension 4500

CARE is an educational support/assistance program, with EOPS, for single head-of-household parents on the California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids Program (CalWORKs) (formerly known as AFDC).

Counseling, Extension 4380

Academic, personal, and career counseling is available through the Counseling Office and the ACCESS Office.

Disabled Student Programs & Services (ACCESS), Extension 4290

Offers eligible students a variety of disability-related services, such as priority registration, counseling, notetakers, sign language interpreters, enlargement of materials, and other reasonable accommodations based on the student's educational limitations and needs.

Extended Opportunity Program Services (EOPS), Extension 4500

Offers special financial assistance and education support system for individuals from educational, culturally, and financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Financial Aid, Extension 4450

Offers a variety of federal and state programs designed to provide students financial access to an education.

Health Services, Extension 4400

Provides student health support in a variety of ways. Nurses are on duty. Doctor appointments and lab work are available.

Career Services, Extension 4510

Assist students in locating employment, writing resumes, interviewing techniques, and job search strategies through the Career Placement Office.

Academic Support and Achievement Center, Extension 4300

Offers free peer tutoring to all enrolled students. Tutors receive special training. An open computer lab is available. Self-paced basic skills courses are offered.

Re-entry Center, Extension 4392

Helps men and women who are searching for ways to change careers to find new direction in their lives.
Advisement, support groups and referral to community resources.

Student Life Center, Extension 4525

Includes focal points for activities, events, organizations, clubs and information on campus.

Transfer Center, Extension 5660

Offers information on all transfer institutions, admission requirements and college resources including catalogs, college web pages and more.

Veteran's Office, Extension 4520