There are two ways that eligible students may be denied services through ACCESS:

  1. lack of measurable progress, and
  2. inappropriate use of services.

Measurable Progress

A lack of measurable progress may be defined in any of the following ways and may result in a complete loss of ACCESS services:

  1. Failure to meet Mt. SAC’s academic standards established by the college.
  2. Failure to make progress toward the goals outlined in the Student Educational Contract (SEC) for two consecutive terms.

Inappropriate Use of Services

Inappropriate use of services is defined as failure to comply with the Mt. San Antonio College Standards of Conduct (Board Policy 5500) and/or failure to comply with the policies and procedures of individual services that student is using. Failure to comply with the terms stated within each specific service area may result in the suspension of that service.

  1. Only services that have been used inappropriately may be terminated in the middle of a semester.
  2. Prior to the termination of a service, the student will be notified in writing with a copy sent to the Director of ACCESS that, unless he/she meets with his/her ACCESS counselor to discuss the area of concern, the service will be automatically terminated fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of the letter.
  3. At the time of the meeting with the counselor, the student will need to sign the Contract to Continue/Resume ACCESS Services, which outlines the guidelines for continuing services.
  4. Suspended services may be reinstated during the current semester only on the authorization of a ACCESS counselor, and only if there are extenuating circumstances which warrant the reinstatement of the service.
  5. Reinstatement of services for subsequent semesters will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Title 5 Section 56010(b) of the California Code of Regulations indicate that “a district may adopt a written policy providing for the suspension or termination of ACCESS services when a student fails to comply with responsible use of ACCESS services, service provision policies and measurable progress policies.  Such policies shall provide for written notice to the student prior to suspension or termination and shall afford the student an opportunity to appeal the decision. Each student shall be given a copy of this policy upon first applying for services from ACCESS.”


A specific service will only be provided to a student who has a verified disability which necessitates the use of that specific service. Authorization for each specific service must be approved in advance by a ACCESS faculty member (Counselor, ACCESS Professor, Instructional Specialist, Manager for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services, or Director). To determine your eligibility for these services, arrange an appointment with a ACCESS faculty member by calling (909) 274-4290.

Certain services such as converting material into alternate formats, equipment, material loan, and/or interpreting services have additional conditions the student must abide by. Students need to contact the counselor every term that the accommodation is needed. Early requests for accommodations are encouraged. Late requests for accommodations may result in delays due to availability and possibly the loss of priority registration. Contacts with the counselor or other ACCESS faculty member throughout the semester will increase the student’s chances of success in classes.

Equipment /Material Loans

  1. Equipment (i.e., tape recorders, laptop computers, Franklin spellers or calculators, assistive listening devices [PFMs], wheelchairs) and material (i.e., notetaker notebooks, tapes, videos, and books) shall not be loaned to a student for any purpose or activity which is not school-sponsored.
  2. Contact the ACCESS office to arrange for an appointment to obtain approval from a ACCESS faculty member to check out equipment or material and to complete the appropriate ACCESS Equipment/Material Release for Students.  Assistive listening devices (PFMs) are checked out through the counselor for DHH students, who also witnesses a special PFM contract to be signed by the student.
  3. If equipment or material is not returned at the appropriate time and place or is returned damaged, the student may forfeit his/her rights to future equipment or material loans.  A hold will be placed on the student's records and ability to register until arrangements are made to replace or return the equipment or material.
  4. If equipment or material is not returned, the student will be responsible for replacement costs.

Interpreter Services

To establish interpreter services, arrange a counseling appointment with the ACCESS counselor for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing by calling (909) 594-5611, extension 4290 or TTY: (909) 594-3447.  This must be done each semester. 

  1. Interpreter services will be provided for students with verified documentation of hearing loss by the ACCESS office. 
  2. The ACCESS office will contact and assign interpreters. 
  3. Two unexcused absences in a row or three unexcused absences during the semester may result in a temporary cancellation of interpreters for classes. 
  4. Continued and excessive absences without notification may result in permanent loss of interpreting services for the semester.

Other Services

For other services such as classroom or test accommodations, priority registration, notetakers, etc., the student must contact a ACCESS counselor or other ACCESS faculty for authorization.  Certain services, such as converting material into alternate formats have additional conditions the student must abide by.  Students need to contact the counselor every semester that the accommodation is needed.  Early requests for accommodations are encouraged.  Late requests for accommodations may result in delays due to availability.  Contacting the counselor or other ACCESS faculty member at the beginning of the semester will increase the student's chances of success in classes.


  1. If the ACCESS student fails to meet one or more of the following requirements;
    a)  Abide by the Standards of Conduct (Board Policy 5500 attached).
    b)  Be responsible in their use of ACCESS services and adhere to written services provision policies adopted by ACCESS.
    c)  Make measurable progress towards the goals established in the Student Education Contract or meet academic standards established by the college.
  2. The ACCESS faculty member or Director will mail or hand deliver a letter as well as call the student by telephone to request the student to schedule and attend a meeting with the ACCESS counselor.  In the letter and phone call, the counselor/ACCESS faculty member will explain that if the student does not schedule an appointment, ACCESS services may be suspended or terminated because the student has failed to meet requirements.  At the appointment, the ACCESS faculty member and student will complete the Warning of Suspension or Termination of ACCESS Services Form.
  3. After the warning, if the student continues to fail to meet one or more of the requirements, the student may be informed in writing that suspension of ACCESS services has been extended or have been terminated.