ACCESS offers specialized, disability specific, advisement and counseling services for all registered disabled students. Among these services you will find:

  • Academic advisement – advice on course selection and procedures for enrollment.

  • Academic counseling – counselor led solutions to academic issues and difficulties. Includes accommodations and probation/dismissal status guidance.

  • Career counseling – exploration/discovery of possible career/educational options.

  • Disability management – strategies to minimize disability-related challenges and to increase likelihood of positive life and educational outcomes.

  • Course planning – specific plan detailing term by term coursework to reach educational goal (i.e. certificate, associate degree or transfer).

  • Personal counseling – assistance with personal difficulties that may be impacting academic performance.

  • Referrals – information about campus and community resources that provide additional support in educational services or career/job placement. Examples include California Department of Rehabilitation, Regional Center, Financial Aid, EOPS, etc.