Reader (for exams/quizzes)

A reader is someone who reads the questions for exams or quizzes to a disabled student who is unable to read the material on their own. The reader reads only what is printed on the exam or quiz, and does not offer explanation or interpretation of the material. A reader is considered an accommodation and must be approved by ACCESS professional prior to any exam/quiz.


In-class notetaking service is for students whose disabilities limit them from taking effective notes, and is determined a reasonable accommodation by a ACCESS counselor. A volunteer notetaker is a student registered in the same class as notetaking services are being requested. They are individuals identified by the ACCESS student who agree to perform the duties of a notetaker. ACCESS can provide a stipend payment for students who volunteer to be in-class notetakers.


ACCESS can provide an in-class scribe service for students whose disabilities prevent them from writing in-class assignments or performing in-class hands-on activities. The duties of the scribe are to write (by hand or computer) verbatim what the student with the disability dictates. Scribes should be familiar with the necessary formats, but they are not responsible for proof-reading papers. The student with the disability is expected to direct the scribe what to write and where to place the information, for example in a formula or works cited list. Scribes are not allowed to tutor, prompt or correct the student with the disability.

Differences between a Scribe and a Notetaker


  • The accommodation is prescribed if disability(ies) prevents a student from takĀ­ing effective notes. The condition may be physical (e.g. hearing loss) or cognitive (e.g. learning disability, brain injury, ADHD) in nature.
  • The student recruits or asks the professor to make an announcement for a volunteer.
  • A fellow classmate provides a copy of their notes. ACCESS will provide carbonless paper (NCR) or student may photocopy the notes through the ACCESS office.
  • The classmate is paid a stipend at the end of the term. The paperwork to be hired must be completed in the first two weeks of volunteering.


  • The accommodation is usually determined by a physical condition limiting the ability to write for oneself.
  • ACCESS assigns a scribe after the student makes a request and a counselor approves it.
  • The scribe writes exactly what the student dictates.
  • A ACCESS scribe will write on paper provided by the student.
  • A scribe is paid an hourly rate by the ACCESS office.

NOTE: Notetakers and Scribes take notes only when the ACCESS student is present in class.  Exceptions to that rule must be approved in advance.