SCE Testing Center

Our Center will be CLOSED until March 28 or until our campus decides to resume to normal operations.  We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you.

The SCE Testing Center provides secure, computer-based testing to the community. We offer our services to both students and professionals who need to take paid certification exams. Our goal is to maintain a testing location that minimizes stress by providing a professional yet comfortable atmosphere.

IMPORTANT PARKING REMINDER: In order to park in any parking lot on campus, you must pay $4 for an all day parking pass. You can pay at the yellow kiosk in front of Building 40. Please follow the parking passes instructions. We are not responsible for any parking tickets you may receive. 

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      Please register and schedule for your exam on the corresponding website:

    • Testing Policies
      IMPORTANT! Please refer to the instructions given to you by either your testing vendor or your school.
      • No matter what exam you take, you MUST provide the proper government ID(s)/documentation(s) required specifically for the exam.
      • If you cannot provide the proper ID(s)/documentation(s) or if your ID(s)/documentation(s) has expired, you will not be allowed to take the exam.
      • We do NOT accept walk-ins for exams that require pre-registration. In order to take an exam, you must have registered with your testing vendor and scheduled an appointment.
      • Children and guests are not permitted into the testing room, and will be asked to either leave or wait outside.
      • Only permitted exam items are allowed in the testing room.
      • Before you take the test, you will be asked to place all your personal belongings in a secure, assigned locker. You may not take anything out of your locker until you have finished your exam or with the supervision of a Testing Center Administrator.
        • Items that are not allowed but not limited to include:
          • Food/Drink/Gum
          • Purse/Backpacks
          • Cellular phones
          • Wallets
          • Keys
          • Watches
          • Hats
        • In addition, you may be asked to remove your glasses for inspection or turn out your pockets.
      • When your exam starts, you may not speak to anyone but the proctor. The proctor will help you if you need more scratch paper, a new pencil, an error during your exam, etc.
      • If you need to use the restroom or take an unscheduled break, be mindful that the time on your exam will continue.
      • If there is a power outage during your exam, you have the options to either wait with the proctor until the power comes back or reschedule your exam for another time. 
      • Any disruptive behavior, suspicion of cheating, or leaving the building during an exam will lead to the termination of your exam.
      • When you finish your exam, please inform the proctor. They will verify if you have finished the exam.
    • Special Accommodations
      If you need special accommodations, please contact your Test Vendor. They will give you specific instructions to follow. You may be required to submit a form that identifies your limitations and the supportive resource you are requesting.
SCE Testing Center

Tues - Thurs: 9AM - 6PM
        Fri: 9AM - 4PM
Building 40-102
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