2020 Career Conference & Resource Fair

  • Welcome to the 20th annual ESL Career Conference & Resource Fair!  I hope all of you are doing well.  Due to the pandemic, the format has changed from in-person workshops to virtual recordings.  All presenters in the videos below are Mt. SAC faculty and staff members.  They will share their expertise with you.  Feel free to contact the ESL Counseling Team if you have any questions or need information.  Enjoy the videos.

Student Services

Resources & Academic Opportunities at Mt. SAC
Presented by Annette Monge-Hermosillo  By watching this video, you will get introductory information about Higher Education (different types of universities) vs. Community College. Detailed information about education and career options at Mt. SAC for every budget. Overview of resources and services for different student populations.

EOPS & CARE Program at Mt. SAC
Presented by Maria Hernandez Figueroa  EOPS, also known as Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, is a state-funded program that provides educational and financial support services to eligible students who have historically experienced economic and educational disadvantages. By watching this video, you will learn about the benefits of being a part of the EOPS program and how it can help you reach your educational and career goals.

Financial Aid at Mt. SAC
Presented by Rudy Sanchez  Do you need help paying for college? This video will give you information about financial aid. You will learn about the different types of aid and how to apply for it.

Scholarships at Mt. SAC 
Presented by Teresa Pham In this video, you will learn about the Mt. SAC Scholarship Program and how to apply. You will also learn about different types of scholarships and how they  can help you pay for your education and other expenses. The presenter will also gives you good tips to consider when applying for scholarships.

Broadening Your Career Options by Transferring to the University 
Presented by Lupita De La Cruz & Martin Gonzalez Are you transferring from Mt. SAC to a university? Then learn important information about the transfer process, transfer requirements, deadlines, local universities, and how to choose the right university for you. The Mt. SAC Transfer Center can support you and help you explore your options.

CalWorks at Mt.  SAC
Presented by Anisa Alonso  In this video, Anisa Alonso will explain what is CalWORKs and what CalWORKs can do for students.  You will learn about services such as priority registration, counseling services, tutoring, job placement, textbook services and more!

DREAM Program at Mt. SAC
Presented by Dario Fernandez  In this video, learn about the DREAM Program at Mt. SAC and the services that they can provide. The goal is to increase the personal growth and development of DREAM students through academic, career, and personal counseling; peer mentoring; assistance in applying for the California Dream Act/Financial Aid and scholarship opportunities (TheDream.US); and workshops regarding DACA and other issues.


Career & Employment Services
Career Services at Mt. SAC

Presented by Colin Brooks  Colin will provide an overview of the types of services offered at the Career center. These services help students with the job search process, assistance with cover letter and resume development, tips for job interviews and so much more! Services are available to all students at Mt. SAC.

Career Services for SCE Students  
Presented by John Wilson Jr. Do you need help finding a job?  Developing a Cover Letter and Resume?  Do you need help preparing for a Job Interview?  In this video, you will meet John Wilson Jr., learn about the differenc services he can provide to students and how to reach out to him for assistance.
Employment Guide 101

Presented by Colin Brooks  Learn about tips and tools that can help you find a job. In this video, you will find detailed information about resumes, cover letters, what employers are looking for, and mental health tips to help you during the job search process. 

Linked-In for Job Seekers
Presented by John Wilson Jr.  John  will provide information on Linked-In, a great social networking platform that can increase your chances of finding a job. This video will help you build your Linked-In profile and your professional network. You will also learn how to search and apply for jobs on Linked-In.
Job Interview Skills

Presented by Anne Castagnaro  In this video, students will learn about information that is important before, during, and after a job interview.  Get tips and tools you need to be successful at any job interview.

Foreign Language Advantage in Life & Career
Presented by the World Languages Department  Foreign language professors talk about the 8 different foreign language programs offered at Mt. SAC and give detailed information about some of these programs. You will also learn about the benefits of learning a foreign language, degrees you can attain and possible career opportunities.
How to Become a Teacher in California

Presented by Doug Hughey  Do you have a passion for teaching? This video will give you information on how you can become a teacher in California. If you were a teacher in your home country the presenter will give you information about how you can use your degree to become a teacher in California.


Mt. SAC Programs

VESL Program
Presented by Dulce Florean Rojas  The Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL) program is offered during the Fall/Spring terms. The program is desgined to prepare advanced level ESL students get college and career ready.

Radiology Program at Mt. SAC
Presented by Mary Beth Barrios  Want to learn on how to become an X-Ray Technician? If so, watch this video to learn about the tasks, skills needed, job outlook, and educational requirements needed to be an X-Ray Technician.

Adult Basic Education Classes at Mt. SAC
Presented by Rene Katoch & Yvette Santillan Counselors from the Adult Basic Education Department (ABE) provide detailed information about FREE classes that can help you gain valuable skills. Whether you are looking for a new skill, looking to sharpen your math and English skills, or want to finish your high school diploma, ABE has a class for you!

Interior Design Program at Mt. SAC
Presented by Niki Tran Are you interested in a creative field? Learn about the interior design program at Mt. SAC. This video will show you how you can use your creative personality and transform ordinary places into beautiful spaces.  If you want to know about General Education courses that can go with Interior Design, then watch the related video with Chan Ton.

Fashion Program at Mt. SAC
Presented by Sheila Espy Do you want to learn more about fashion?  In this video, you will learn more about the fashion industry and the classes that are available at Mt. SAC.  You will be able to see many creative and elegant clothing designs that past students has created.

General Education for Interior Design and Fashion at Mt. SAC
Presented by Chan Ton  In this video, Chan Ton will talk about the General Education courses needed for Interior Design and Fasion Programs.  If you are interested in these area, then also watch Niki Tran or Shelia Espy's videos.

 Short-Term Vocational Program at Mt. SAC
Presented by Lorena Velazquez  Learn about FREE Noncredit Short-Term Vocational Programs such as CNA, EMT, Floral Design, Business classes, Elecronics classes AND all the services that are available to students at Mt. SAC.

Certified Nursing Assistant Program at Mt. SAC
Presented by Suzanne Avila
 Are you interested in the health care field?  In this video, you will learn about the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program at Mt. SAC.  You will learn about the requirement and steps to enroll into the CNA Program.  Also, you will learn about other health care programs at are availble at Mt. SAC.
 AMLA Program at Mt. SAC
Presented by Elizabeth Casian  Do you want to take additional English classes beyond ESL?  Learn more about the American Language (AMLA) that are available at Mt. SAC on the Credit of the college.  The presenter will discuss about the information that is covered in AMLA Writing, Reading and Speaking classes.

Student Panel

Carolina Ponce
Presented by Carolina Ponce  Carolina Ponce, a former ESL student describes her personal experience with the Mt. SAC ESL Program. Carolina shares some of the challenges she encountered as a student in a new country and how she found the motivation to keep reaching for her goals. She also offers a brief description of what she is doing now and the advice she has for current ESL students.

Heidi Alcalá
Presented by Heidi Alcalá  Heidi Alcalá, a former ESL student shares her past experience in the Mt. SAC ESL Program. She talks about the challenges she encountered, what she is doing now, and tips for current ESL students. Heidi is a true inspiration and proves that dreams do come true!

Masoud Roueintan
Presented by Masoud Roueintan  In this video you will meet Masoud Roueintan. He is a former Mt. SAC ESL student and is now a Mt. SAC chemistry professor. Watch this video for some inspiration.