2021 Career Conference & Resource Fair

  • Welcome to the 21st annual ESL Career Conference & Resource Fair!  Due to the pandemic, we continued the same format of virtual videos.  All of the presenters in the video below are Mt. SAC faculty, staff, student, or college partners.  They will share their expertise with you. Contact the ESL Counseling Team if you have any questions or need information.  Enjoy!

Student Support Services | Career & Employment Services | Mt. SAC Programs | ESL Student & Staff Interviews


Presented by Maria Hernandez Figueroa We will discuss the program requirements and benefits of Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) and Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE)

DREAM Program: Legal Services
Presented by David Lawlor Dave Lawlor works with CARECEN, which is a non-profit legal service.  Dave and his team focus exclusively on immigrant and immigrant rights.  Immigration legal services are FREE and available to all Mt. SAC students, faculty, and staff.

Presented by Elizabeth Hernandez ACCESSibility Resource Centers provide counseling, instruction, and accommodations for students with disabilities and medical conditions.  For more information, please visit or email

Welcome to the Writing Center!
Presented by Tara Murphy The Writing  Center is dedicated to helping Mt. SAC students across the curriculum improve their writing and critical thinking skills. We believe that our role is not to "fix" students' writing or guarantee a particular grade, but to guide students through a process of growth and development as writers. We believe that every writer needs a non-evaluating reader and that one-on-one, collaborative instruction is highly effective in meeting the unique challenges academic writing poses. We further believe that writing is at the core of critical thinking—indeed, knowledge in all disciplines is developed and verified through writing—and that the Center has a key supporting role to play in empowering students to construct knowledge both on campus and in the community at large. In this effort, we see the Writing Center as collaborating with faculty and support staff at Mt. SAC to help students develop the foundational skills that make such academic success and lifelong learning possible.

5 Self-Care Tips for Balance
Presented by Anne Castagnaro Self-care is necessary to achieve balance among your professional and personal lives. Participants will explore: 
1) Breathwork  2) Mindfulness  3) Nutrition  4) Exercise  5) Sleep.  We will discuss strategies that participants may immediately implement into regular practice. Participants will be encouraged to keep a daily journal or log to track their progress.
Presentation Slides

Join the Amazing Honors Program!
Presented by Heidi Lockhart Are you motivated to succeed in your academics? If yes, then you belong in the Honors Program.  Benefits include smaller classes, transfer agreements with major universities including UCLA and UCI, and a community of inspired students faculty and staff.  Watch our video to learn more about this program and the requirements to join.

Thriving as an Undocumented Student
Presented by Melissa Candell Often times, undocumented students (DREAMers) think that they can’t continue their education because of their immigration status. However, the opposite is true. Watch this video to learn more about: 1) how undocumented students can go to college, 2) counseling, financial aid, scholarships, legal services, and other Mt. SAC resources available to undocumented students, 3) advice to persevere and not allow obstacles get in the way of your goals.

Let's Talk Transfer: Part 1
Presented by Lupita De La Cruz & Martin Gonzalez Are you transferring from Mt. SAC to a university? Then learn important information about the transfer process, transfer requirements, deadlines, local universities, and how to choose the right university for you. The Mt. SAC Transfer Center can support you and help you explore your options.

Let's Talk Transfer: Part 2
Presented by Lupita De La Cruz & Martin Gonzalez Are you transferring from Mt. SAC to a university? Then learn important information about the transfer process, transfer requirements, deadlines, local universities, and how to choose the right university for you. The Mt. SAC Transfer Center can support you and help you explore your options.

Presented by Anisa Alonso  In this video, Anisa Alonso will explain what is CalWORKs and what CalWORKs can do for students.  You will learn about services such as priority registration, counseling services, tutoring, job placement, textbook services and more!

Presented by Teresa Pham In this video, Teresa will talk about the Mt. SAC scholarship program and other services they offer. She will guide you through the website and show you how to access scholarships and events. In addition to that, she talks about scholarship eligibility, how to apply for scholarships and important dates.

Financial Aid Office
Presented by Rudy Sanchez Do you need help paying for college? This video will give you information about financial aid. You will learn about the different types of aid and how to apply for it.

Mt. SAC Library
Presented by Michael Emery Come learn about the Mt. SAC Library. Michael, a Mt. SAC librarian will walk you through the website and tell you about all the online resources that are available to all students. He will go over ways you can use the Mt. SAC library database to conduct research. He also gives you great tips to help you navigate eBooks collections and video databases. Lastly, he tells you how you can become a librarian.

Career Resources

Presented by Ralph Jagodka This presentation will focus on career resources that students can use. These are free webpages that will provide guidance regarding how to identify, prepare for, and then obtain an appropriate occupation.  Overview

Becoming a K-12 Teacher in California 
Presented by Douglas Hughey This presentation will reveal the outlines for becoming a credentialed teacher in the public schools of California.
Foreign Country Transcripts
Permit Matrix
Quotes on Teaching

Careers in Psychology

Presented by John Pellitteri  Meet Dr. John Pellitteri, who is a Mt. SAC Professor in the Psychology Department.  Dr. Pellitteri will show a road map for ESL students and discuss the different careers in psychology.

Careers in Child Development
Presented by Tony Henry & Ceclia Thay  Child Development offers exciting job opportunities for community college graduates. Mt. San Antonio College has programs to help you prepare for these careers and learn all the skills required by employers. For more information, schedule an appointment with a counselor.


Entry Level Healthcare Programs
Presented by Suzanne Avila My presentation will include a summary of what an entry level healthcare provider, which is a CNA, can do in the field of healthcare. I would mention the need for healthcare providers at this time, especially. I will go over how to obtain certification to be a CNA and what they need to do to take the course, such as any pre-requisites. Then I will go over how often the course is taught at Mt. Sac. If possible, I would also like to go over the Home Health Aide and the course they can take after becoming a CNA.

Short-Term Vocational Programs
Presented by Lorena Velazquez Learn about FREE Noncredit Short-Term Vocational Programs such as CNA, EMT, Business classes, Electronics classes, and counseling services available to STV students. 

Computer Information Systems Courses, Certificates and Degrees
Presented by Barry Andrews This PowerPoint presentation briefly describes the options available  for students interested in a computer career and describes the courses, certificates and degrees that students can earn in the Computer Information Systems Department at Mt. SAC.

Vocational Re-Entry Programs at Mt. SAC
Presented by Naomi Avila Are you interested in learning what it takes to begin a home-based business? Or earn certificates in Office Occupations?  Watch this video to learn about FREE noncredit Vocational Re-Entry program certificates and other classes to gain new skills.

Teacher Preparation Institute (TPI) Presented by Keiko Tsurumi Professor Keiko Tsurumi is the Teacher Preparation Coordinator at Mt. SAC.  Teacher Preparation Institute (TPI) is a resource center to help current students become future teachers.  If you are interested in becoming a teacher anywhere from K-12, visit the TPI office and meet with dedicated TPI counselors or University Transfer Specialist.

World Language
Presented by Keiko Tsurumi Foreign language professors talk about the 8 different foreign language programs offered at Mt. SAC and give detailed information about some of these programs. You will also learn about the benefits of learning a foreign language, degrees you can attain and possible career opportunities.

American Language (AmLa)
Presented by Elizabeth Casian & Alejandra Pulido Do you want to take additional English classes beyond ESL?  Learn more about the American Language (AMLA) that are available at Mt. SAC on the Credit of the college.  Professor Elizabeth Casian & Professor Alejandra Pulido will discuss about the information that is covered in AMLA Writing, Reading, and Speaking classes.


Student: Parastoo Soltaniramshini
Presented by Parastoo Soltaniramshini Meet Parastoo, a previous ESL student who is currently taking credit courses at Mt. SAC. In this video, Para shares her experiences taking ESL, Vocational ESL (VESL), and AMLA courses. She also mentions how the VESL  program helped her find a job that she enjoys doing.

Faculty: Doug Evans
Presented by Doug Evans In this video, one of our ESL counselors interviews one of our ESL faculty members, Doug Evans. Doug shares about his education background, reasons why he chose to become an ESL teacher, things he looks forward to when teaching ESL students, future travel plans and more!

Staff: Min Min
Presented by Min Min In this video, one of our ESL counselors interviews Min Min.  Min is the ESL Registration Coordinator.  She explains what she does in the ESL Department and shares her challenging and rewarding part of her job.  Watch the video closely as she will share a joke with you.