2022 Career Conference & Resource Fair

  • Hello students! Welcome to the ESL Career Conference and Resource Fair webpage. My name is Michael, and I’m one of the counselors in the ESL Department. This is our 22nd year that we are hosting the conference and the third year making this virtual. Below are pre-recorded videos from Mt. SAC staff and faculty providing information on programs and services that the college has to offer. We also have video interviews of past ESL students and other resources that may help you. If you have any questions about the videos, please schedule an appointment with a member of the ESL Counseling Team. Enjoy!

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Scholarships 101  
Presented by Teresa Pham Do you need additional financial assistance to complete your educational goal(s)? Have you ever considered applying for scholarships, but weren't sure where to start? Find out about all of the scholarship opportunities available at Mt. SAC and beyond. This video will cover on-campus as well as off-campus scholarship opportunities, where to find them, and how to apply.

Financial Aid 101
Presented by Rudy Sanchez, Paola Gutierrez Flores, Rosario Esparza Are you thinking of taking credit classes? What to do to apply for financial aid to help pay for college? In this video, you will better understand what financial aid is and how to apply! 

Presented by Kaitlyn Yrineo Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) is a state-funded program that provides educational and financial support services to eligible students who have historically experienced economic and educational disadvantages. EOPS goes "over and above, in addition to" other college services by offering additional counseling, tutoring, financial assistance, and other support services designed to help students meet their personal and academic goals.

Academic Options at Mt. SAC
Presented by Counseling Services Are you interested in completing a credit program through Mt. San Antonio College? Do you know what classes you need to get a certificate, a degree or to transfer? Planning out and deciding what path you want to take can be overwhelming and leave you with many questions. Watch this video to get some ideas and what to do to begin your academic journey at Mt. SAC.

Video Tour of Mt. SAC
Presented by Mt. SAC In this video you will take a virtual tour of the Mt. SAC campus. You will learn about the modern facilities and services available in various centers.

Presented by Mt. SAC In this video, you will be able to learn about a federally funded program called CalFresh. CalFresh is a program to help low-income families or individuals with financial assistance monthly for benefits and groceries. Watch this video to find out ways to apply today! 

Self-Care & Mental Health Support During the Pandemic
Presented by Andrea Torres Are you feeling anxious, depressed or simply want to have someone to talk to? Watch this video to learn what a mindfulness session looks like. Moreover, the video also teaches you how to connect with the mental health department to schedule a session!

Writing Center
Presented by Tara Murphy Need more support on writing? Want someone to proofread your essay before turning the assignment in? Watch this video to learn the top 10 reasons why YOU should visit the writing center at Mt. SAC!

Mt. SAC Library & Librarian Careers
Presented by Michael Emery The video provides a brief description of how to use some of the library's online resources, the on-campus resources with many photos of the library, and background information about how to become a librarian and what educational background is needed.

Mountie Fresh Food Pantry Tour
Presented by Helen Hernandez The Mountie Fresh Food Pantry serves students impacted by food insecurity, by providing access to food and basic necessities. In this video we give a tour of our food pantry, show what the process is like, and the items that we offer for students.

Presented by Anisa Alonso Are you a student parent? Are your child(ren) under the age of 18 and receiving TANF/Cash Aid? In this video, you will learn about the services and benefits such as priority registration, academic, transfer, career counseling services, and more!

Language Learning Center: Make Your Success Story
Presented by Peggy Marcy The Language Learning Center (LLC) provides students resources to improve their language skills for FREE. There are many activities for students such as ESL tutoring and LLC Talks. LLC has many resources available in-person and online. Visit them in building 77 or visit

Mountie Money Management Center (MMMC) Services
Presented by MMMC Ambassador In 5 minutes, learn about the available Mountie Money Management Center resources available to all Mt. SAC students. It guides you through Canvas, such as how to connect with them virtually, workshops, drop-in appointment, and more!

MMMC : 5 Money Tips
Presented by Liz Chong Liz Chong, MMMC Ambassador, talks about five money tips for students. Learn how to make a budget, find out about student discounts, resources available to students, keeping student depts to a minimum, and information about credit card spending.


How to Become a Psychologist
Presented by John Pellitteri Have you ever wondered how to become a psychologist? This presentation will help you understand the classes you need to take to start to become a psychologist.

America's Job Center of California
Presented by Marisela Limon Case Manager Marisela Limon talks with ESL Counselor Michael Ngo about FREE career services that may be available for ESL students. She can help students look for jobs, develop a resume and cover letter, prepare for a job interview, and much more. Watch the video to find out more on how to contact her.

Career and Major Exploration for MAP
Presented by Counseling Services Thinking of taking credit classes, but not exactly sure what major or career you want to go into? Check out this video from our credit counseling center as it talks about career and major exploration. The video explains what kind of services credit counselors provide and how they can help you succeed in your credit journey!


Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
Presented by Suzanne Avila Overview of CNA course, Home Health Aide (HHA) course, Acute Care course. In addition to the pre-requisites for entering the CNA class.

Horticulture Program
Are you interested in studying in a diverse Horticulture Program? Would you like to know more about Landscaping, Water Management or Animal Science? If you are interested in plants and enjoy the beauty of trees and flowers, how to grow plants in a greenhouse or start your own nursery? Then this career is for you. Watch this video and hear from students and faculty to learn more about Mt. SAC's Horticulture program and all the career tracks it offers. 

Fire Academy
Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a firefighter? Learn about the ways you could help people by responding to emergency medical calls and putting out fires by watching this video.

Robotics Team
Are you interested in Robotics and Engineering? Did you know that the Mt. SAC Robotics Program has won a World Championship? Watching this video will explain how learning about programming, building, and controlling can help you by combining mechanical and electrical design to work in the Robotics Industry.

Dance Program
Watch this video to learn more about the certificates and degree offered through the Dance Program at Mt. San Antonio College. It will give you more information on how taking classes will give you the opportunity to learn about dance theory, technique, choreography, composition and performance and much more.

STEM Program
Do you know that California needs 33,000 math and science teachers by 2025? Watch the video to learn how Mt. SAC's Teacher Preparation Program trains future math and science teachers through collaboration with UC Irvine.

Do you like to have fun, get creative and make things? The Makerspace is a great place for you! You can do woodwork, metal work, laser cutting, make buttons, tee-shirts and work on many other projects. Watch this video to get more information.

Adult Basic Education (ABE)
Presented by Dalia Chavez The Adult Basic Education Program (ABE) is a nationally accredited program that is available to students with getting a GED, passing the HISET, completing a Adult High School Diploma, or who need help preparing and passing intervention classes through AIME. Do you have questions about getting a high school diploma, or you have credits and want to know which ones are accepted? Watch this video to get more information about the many services ABE offers.

Geotechnician Certificate Program
Presented by Amanda Ketting-Olivier The new Geotechnician Certificate Program is a pathway to entry-level employment as a geotechnician, environmental technician, petroleum technician, and other related fields. The 4-semester geotechnical sequence includes field, lab, and classroom work in topics including soils, rock and sediment analysis, surface water, groundwater, seismic studies, scientific writing, sampling protocols, and the use of geotechnical field, lab, and analytical equipment. Upon completion of the certificate, you can qualify for a position in the geotechnical sector prior to/without completing GE requirements or obtaining a degree.

Short-Term Vocational (STV) Program
Presented by Tom Dwyer In this video you will learn about Mt. SAC's Short-Term Vocational Programs. Counselor, Tom Dwyer, will talk about certificates you can earn in a few months in order to start your career. These are noncredit certificates, which means the classes are free.

American Language (AmLa)
Presented by Elizabeth Casian Learn about credit ESL courses available to students. AMLA professors discuss the type of assignments you can expect in an AMLA class and take a look at sample assignments. Watch this video to learn more about AMLA's writing, speaking and reading courses.

Vocational Re-Entry
Presented by Naomi Avila Vocational Re-Entry courses and certificates offer many opportunities for students. You can take courses to learn new skills, pursue a hobby, or earn a certificate. Learn about the opportunities available to you.

Teacher Preparation Institute (TPI)
Presented by Keiko Tsurumi If you're interested in becoming a future educator then the Teacher Preparation Institute is for you. Once you are a member, the TPI Center will provide support and guidance and help you from the beginning to the end of your Mt. SAC journey. Watch this video to find out more about how becoming a TPI Member can allow you to receive many benefits the program offers.



Student: Temis Laguna
Presented by Temis Laguna Temis is one of our former ESL students. In this video Temis talks about her journey at Mt. Sac and what inspired her to work in a nonprofit called Roundtable. She also speaks about the importance of why, as an immigrant, she felt the need to get involved in our community.

Student: Celia Zhang
Presented by Celia Zhang Celia Zhang is one of our former ESL/VESL students. Celia is currently taking some credit classes and will start her graduate journey this upcoming Fall semester! In this video, Celia shared her experience as an ESL student, how the program is beneficial to her, and some tips for our currently enrolled ESL students. 

Faculty: Valerie Garcia
Presented by Valerie Garcia In this video ESL Counselor Vanessa interviews ESL professor Valerie Garcia. You will learn about Valerie's journey to becoming an ESL teacher.