Student Rights & Responsibilities

Student Rights

  • You can talk to a supervisor or counselor if you have a question or concern about anything in the ESL program, and to request special assistance for your situation.
  • You can ask for help in taking the test, or completing your class if you have special needs or disabilities. The ESL department will help you to get any available services on campus or in the community.
  • You can talk to a supervisor or counselor if you are uncomfortable in class due to harassment of any kind.
  • You can meet with a counselor for any reason related to your educational success.

Student Responsibilities

  • Get to class on-time, prepared, and follow the directions of the instructor.
  • Pursue completion of the class to the best of your ability.
  • Complete class assignments.
  • Maintain progress toward educational goals.

College Responsibilities

  • The ESL department will provide an orientation concerning campus and department procedures and policies.
  • The ESL department has a Counseling Team to assist you in finding the right career for you, and to help you find the right courses for that career.
  • The ESL department has a Counseling Team to help if you are having difficulty in the program.

Accessibility Resource Centers for Students

Mt. SAC is committed to providing a classroom environment in which all students may achieve their potential. If students find their academic ability limited in the classroom or unable to participate fully and equally in any college instructional program and/or activities, they are encouraged to contact the instructor and visit the Accessibility Resource Centers for Students (ACCESS) department as soon as possible.

Standards of Conduct

The Mt. San Antonio College Standards of Conduct are designed to ensure the safety of all individuals at the College and to promote a positive educational environment that is conducive to learning.  All students are required to abide by the Standards of Conduct and failure to do so may result in disciplinary action such as a verbal or written reprimand, probation, suspension and/or expulsion.

Discipline Procedures

When a student misconduct report is filed with the Student Life Office regarding a possible violation of the Standards of Conduct policy, the student will receive written notification from the Director, Student Life.  Within ten days of receiving written notification, the student is required to schedule a meeting with the Director, Student Life.  During the meeting, the Director shall determine if the student’s behavior constitutes a violation of the Standards of Conduct policy.  If a violation has occurred, the student may be required to, including but not limited to: attend a character development workshop, complete community service hours, sign a discipline contract, and/or the student may be recommended for suspension or expulsion depending on the nature of the incident.

If you have questions, please contact the Student Life Office.