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You can learn on your own through self-paced options, structured workshops, or multi-session courses. Use as many options as you'd like!

Teach Yourself Canvas! Self-directed Learning Options

Use resources provided by Instructure Canvas for hands-on learning.

  • Canvas Guide for Instructor (All topics)
  • Canvas videos
  • Canvas Community
  • Canvas Live
  • The Commons in Canvas allows users to share content under Creative Commons licensing. Find content that you can modify and reuse in your own teaching. The Commons works like a library card catalog. Materials found in the Commons can be downloaded into your own sandbox or course shell and then you can modify and use the downloaded copy of the content. Find Commons in the Global Navigation menu (gray, left-side menu) when you enter your Mt. SAC Canvas account. Explore and see what you find!

Additional Resources

Need a Sandbox?

A sandbox is a course with no enrollment and no expiration, where you can try out and build content. You can move content from sandboxes into live courses very easily. If you need a sandbox (or a few), send in a helpdesk ticket or request in Canvas Help: Report A Problem.

Canvas Training in POD Connect CCC Vision Resource Center logo

You can now access local training on campus and online as well as online training options from @ONE, Lynda/LinkedIn, and Skillsoft directly within Mt. SAC POD.

  1. Go to Mt. SAC POD
  2. Click on POD Calendar or "Online Training" to be taken to POD Connect
  3. Once you have clicked through and you are in the POD Connect Home page, you will see "Hello [Your Name}" at the top.
  4. In the top blue menu bar, click on "Learning" to get the pulldown menu, then click Learner Home to search training options.
  5. At the Top of the Learner Home page, it will ask "What would you like To learn today?" In the search bar, put Canvas or your preferred topic.
  6. Featured local and systemwide training options will appear below this search area and include self-paced training in SPOT and Regulations Update for SPOT Recertification.
  7. From POD Connect, you can access the POD Calendar to see locally scheduled events. In your transcript you can see completed or in-progress activities and return to lessons you started. You can create playlists of trainings you want to bookmark for later.
Recommended Training You Can Find in POD Connect

Follow the directions above to reach POD Connect Learner Home Page. Here are some courses you can search for. Complete them in full, or browse the parts that help you with the task at hand.

  • Canvas Training
    • Oliver Schinkten's Learning Canvas (2019) note this is the latest version
    • Introduction to Teaching with Canvas @ONE Online Course
    • Canvas: Tips, Tricks, & Techniques (1 hour 44 min)
    • Accessibility in Canvas (self-paced) @ONE Online Course
  • Basics
    • Learning Management Systems (LMS) Quick Start

  • Conferencing Tools
    • Communication in the 21st Century Classroom
    • Learning Zoom note: ConferZoom is an enterprise-level Zoom account
    • Learning Skype for Business

FCLT Drop-in Office Hours for FacultyFCLT logo

Building 6, Room 262 * WEDNESDAYS 2-4PM * THURSDAYS 2-4PM * or by appointment * email us * call (909) 274-5016

Drop-in Office Hours for assistance with Canvas, course design, accessibility, integrated tools, and othercampus and CCC system resources that support your use of technology in teaching! Let us help you find resources and tools and learn more about designing course materials in Canvas! Call ahead if you have something you'd like us to research for you.

Invite the FCLT to create a workshop for your department!

Need Canvas training or want to inform your professors about FCLT resources and services they can use? Want to learn about specific tools or learn how you can use available tools and resources for your discipline? Contact FCLT to set up custom trainings for your unit, group, committee, or department. Our tools are always evolving so feel free to check in with us to learn more!

Facilitated Canvas Course with @ONE@ONE logo

The Online Network of Educators (@ONE) is a professional development resource created by and for California Community College faculty to help professors and staff learn how to use Canvas and implement best practices when teaching online or supporting courses with technology. They offer online facilitated and self-paced workshops hosted in Canvas at free or low cost to California Community College professors. Topics include Assessment in Digital Learning, Creating Accessible Content, Humanizing Online Teaching & Learning, and Course Design.

question mark Looking for how to troubleshoot a problem you have in Canvas? Check out Faculty Canvas Support in Canvas.

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