NetTutor Info for Faculty

NetTutorNetTutor is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all currently enrolled Mt. SAC students. NetTutor online tutoring is available in most major subjects such as Math, English, Science, Social Science. Students in any subject can receive tutoring help with papers.

NetTutor information for students can be found here.

LightbulbFaculty Rules Of Engagement Faculty have the option to provide Rules of Engagement (ROE) to NetTutor regarding the help that is made available to students in the course. If no rules are provided, standard rules apply within NetTutors code of conduct. To set specific rules for tutors in your course, contact Dr. Emilia Garofalo (NetTutor Manager)For more info on ROE, see sample ROEs for live tutoring and paper review.

Setting Up NetTutor 

In Fall 2016, NetTutor is available to all currently enrolled Mt. SAC students. NetTutor is accessed through the LMS in which your course is hosted, Canvas. Students can also access NetTutor from the Student Success tab in the Mt. SAC Portal.

    • Setting up NetTutor in your Canvas course

      CanvasNetTutor is available to all courses through Canvas, but it needs to be enabled on the navigation course menu. To do so simply go to Settings in the course menu, and then click on the Navigation tab. Drag the NetTutor item to the visible navigation menu to make NetTutor available to students.  

      Menu to add nettutor to Canvas


       After students click on the NetTutor link, they will be asked to agree to terms of use, and then arrive at NetTutor options for use.

Having trouble setting NetTutor up in your course?

Contact Michelle or Hugo at the Faculty Center for Learning Technology for assistance!

Tutoring Guide

Here is the PDF tutoring guide  with suggestions and message templates to announce to your students and remind them of this free service at key moments in the semester. You can also visit the California Community Colleges Chancellor's office to find out more about this tutoring service and other faculty resources that the CCCC is making available to community colleges in California. The handbook contains links to videos that are specifically for faculty, as well as information on how to communicate with NetTutor, including providing course content to tutors and specifying rules of engagement for students in your courses.

NetTutor information for Students

Here is the student page with information for how students can access NetTutor, including videos they can watch to learn how to use NetTutor. Feel free to visit this page and watch the videos to learn more about the program. Please provide a link to this page to your students to support their access and use of NetTutor. 

Other information 

Faculty can watch this video for an introduction to NetTutor. Also the tutoring guide and the student page has more videos and details about the NetTutor service.

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