Student Equity Committee


Name Title Term Appointed By
Eric Lara Manager / Co-Chair Ongoing Administration
Bruce Nixon Faculty /Co-Chair 2022-2025 Academic Senate
Francesca Gambini Faculty 2020-2023 Academic Senate
Mica Stewart Faculty 2020-2023 Academic Senate
Shelby White-Tremazi Faculty / Non Credit 2020-2023 Academic Senate
Diana Felix Faculty 2020-2023 Academic Senate
Urias Garcia Faculty 2021-2024 Academic Senate
VACANT Faculty 2023-2026 Academic Senate
Sam Agdasi Manager / Credit Ongoing VP of Instruction
Tami Pearson Manager / Non Credit 2020-2023 Provost
Jaime Rodriguez Classified (Research Team) 2021-2023 Administration
Betzabel Martinez Classified 2021-2023 VP of Student Services
Lingyi Kong Student 2022-2023 Associated Students