Institutional Effectiveness Committee

1.                Vice President of Instruction or Designee (Co-Chair)   Kelly Fowler  Ongoing
2. Associate Vice President, Instruction    Meghan Chen Ongoing
3. Dean, Instruction   Sylvia Ruano Ongoing
4. Director, Research & Institutional Effectiveness (Co-Chair)   Patty Quinones Ongoing
5. Faculty Outcomes Coordinator   Kim-Leiloni Nguyen Ongoing
6. Academic Senate President or Designee   Chisa Uyeki Ongoing
7. Faculty Accreditation Coordinator   Barbara Mezaki Ongoing
8. Faculty    Tiffany Kuo 2021-23
9. Director of Human Resources or Designee   Ryan Wilson Ongoing
10. Student Services (appointed by the Vice President, Student Services   Malia Flood 2019-22
11 Instructional Services (appointed by the Vice President, Instruction)   Vacant 2020-23
12. Information Technology (appointed by the Vice President, Administrative Services)   Kate Morales 2019-22
13. Faculty, Credit (appointed by the Academic Senate)(Co-Chair)   Kristina Allende 2020-23
14. Faculty Noncredit (appointed by the Academic Senate)   Landry Chaplot 2020-23
15. Faculty - Student Services (appointed by the Academic Senate)   Silver Calzada 2019-22
16. Classified (appointed by CSEA 262)   Vacant 2020-23
17. Classified (appointed by CSEA 651)   Vacant 2019-22
18. Student (appointed by the Associated Students)   Vacant 2022-23
19. Budget Committee Liaison   Rosa Royce Ongoing
20. Business Analyst   Pedro Suarez Ongoing