Health & Safety Committee

Purpose & Function

The Health and Safety Committee exists for the purpose of providing education and resources pertaining to contemporary physical, mental health, and safety issues for the campus community. The goals of the Committee include:

  • Raising awareness and use of campus and community health and safety resources
  • Increasing awareness of healthy lifestyle choices
  • Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations affecting safety
  • Maintaining safe working conditions

The Function of the Health & Safety Committee is:

  1. To serve as the primary advisory body to the President's Advisory Council regarding health and safety issues.
  2. To participate in the gathering and dissemination of health and safety information.
  3. To study and make recommendations for the development, implementation, and facilitation of health and safety programs and services, including disaster preparation and training.
  4. To facilitate communication of unsafe conditions, practices, and health concerns and recommend corrective action.
  5. To review campus accident and injury reports and make recommendations as needed.

Approved Purpose and Function 2021-22

Approved Purpose and Function 2019-20

Approved Purpose and Function 2016-17 

Approved Purpose and Function 2017-18

Approved Purpose and Function 2018-19