FIRE 86  Basic Fire Academy

14.5 Units (Degree Applicable)
Lecture: 144   Lab: 377
Prerequisite: FIRE 1 and FIRE 2 and FIRE 3 and FIRE 4 and FIRE 5 and (FIRE 13 or equivalent) and KIN 50 and (KINF 51A or KINF 51B or KINF 52A or KINF 52B or equivalent) and proof of EMT completion record
Corequisite: KINF 53

This course prepares students for an entry level position as a firefighter. Includes Firefighter I training in the areas of structural firefighting, hazardous materials, and wildland firefighting. Upon successful completion of the course, students will earn a State Firefighter I certification and be eligible for the State Firefighter II certification.
Course Schedule

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