Title IX Contacts

  • Ryan Wilson
    Director, EEO, Title IX, & Leaves
    Administration and Title IX Coordinator

    Building 4 | (909) 274-5249


  • Tika Davé-Harris
    Associate Vice President, Human Resources 

    Building 4 | (909) 274-5885


Sexual Misconduct Response Team

SMaRT is Mt. SAC’s Title IX and Clery Act coordinating group consisting of:

Name Title Building Phone Email
Ryan Wilson (Co-Chair) Director, EEO, Title IX, & Leaves Administration & Title IX Coordinator 4 (909) 274-5423
Koji Uesugi (Co-Chair) Dean, Student Services 9C (909) 274-4505 
Alejandra Gonzalez Asst. Director, Student Life 9C (909) 274-5786
Joseph "Joe" Jennum Dean, Kinesiology, Athletics, Dance 45 (909) 274-4630
Tamara Knott-Silva Assoc. Dean, Kinesiology, Athletics, Dance 45 (909) 274-4355
Andrea Sims Director, Student Life 9C (909) 274-4525
Ana Silvia Turcios Counselor, Faculty 9B (909) 274-5210
Tyler Gutierrez Coordinator, Project/Programs (Title IX/EEO) 4 (909) 274-4959
Seth Meyers Interim Director, Health Services 67B (909) 274-4400
Mike Williams Chief, Public Safety 23 (909) 274-4555


Title IX Personnel Training Materials

The Title IX Coordinator ensures that those with a role in the informal and formal processes outlined by Mt. SAC’s policies and procedures for addressing sexual harassment receive appropriate training in accordance with legal requirements and best practices. The purpose of this training is to ensure a fair process and protections for all parties, and to promote accountability.

As required by Title IX, Mt. SAC’s Title IX Coordinator, investigators, decision-makers/hearing officers, and any person who facilitates an informal resolution process receive training on a variety of topics. The following reflects training provided to relevant Title IX personnel.  

ATIXA’s training materials are available for review at:

Other trainings: