Web Redesign

A snapshot of the home page on October 9, 2015, before the launch of the new site.
A snapshot of the Mt. SAC home page on October 9, 2015, before the launch of a new website.

A new Mt. San Antonio College website launched on October 15, 2015. It was designed to be viewable on desktops, mobile phones and tablets using responsive design. Based on goals set by the campus, the redesign focused on making the site more modern, student focused and better organized.

  • More student focused
    • Less jargon  and abbreviations so anyone can understand what we're saying
    • Based on research, more pictures, more fun, more color
    • More mobile friendly, so it's viewable on tables and phones
  • Better organization
    • Landing pages that organize information for those new to the campus
    • Reduced menu options because people would not read beyond 7 menu items
    • Top navigation because people read in an F pattern and it's necessary for mobile design
  • Easier to find information
    • Better search solution
    • Use more headings and subheadings so people can skim
    • Shorten text
    • Test words with students for functionality
  • More modern
    • New design features
    • More white space
    • Responsive (site adjusts to desktop, laptop, tablet, phone views)