Alexander Brambila

Administrative Specialist II

Building: 9B -
(909) 274-4500

A.A. Social & Behavioral Scis. (Mt. SAC)

A.A.-T Psychology (Mt. SAC)

B.A. Sociology (CPP)

M.S Counseling; Student Development in Higher Education (CSULB) - projected conferral 2022


Alexander Brambila

Professional Background: Alex Brambila is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Counseling with an option in Student Development in Higher Education at California State University, Long Beach. He has had the opportunity and privilege to have invested more than eight years within the field of student affairs within different roles at Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC). Alex's curiosity in student affairs started as a Student Ambassador for Mt. SAC’s High School Outreach program. Along his journey, Alex had the opportunity to transition into a new role as a student worker (for EOPS/CARE) and eventually strengthened his professional experiences by later earning a full-time position as an Administrative Specialist II. These experiences and education have given Alex the insight on how to continue to further advocate for historically, educationally, and socio-economically disadvantaged students. With this mind, Alex will continue investing his time and energy towards the development of students pursing their educational and personal goals while at Mt. SAC.


Personal Background: Alex is a first-generation American whose parents emigrated from Guadalajara, Mexico. He grew up with many challenges that impacted his upbringing such as financial instability, linguistic isolation, low academic self-esteem, and homelessness. He persisted through high school with self-doubt and poor academic achievement. After graduating from Upland High School, Alex worked in a variety of jobs. He worked as an Air Duct Technician, a Leasing Consultant for an apartment complex, and sold furniture. Although, his education was full of negative experiences growing up due to various reasons, he soon realized that a higher education was something that he was missing in in his life; therefore, he decided to enroll at Mt. SAC. This decision changed his life forever as he took the first step to change the trajectory of his family.



Alex currently lives in the city of Upland with his family. He is currently interested in understanding and applying an ancient philosophy called Stoicism. He spends his time reflecting on the four main virtues of Stoics: wisdom, justice, courage, and moderation.