Carla Tablas

Administrative Specialist I

Building: 9B-
(909) 274-4500

A.A. Emphasis in Social Behavior and Self-Development, Rio Hondo Community College

A.A. General Studies, Rio Hondo Community College

B.A. Sociology, California State University of Los Angeles


Carla Tablas

Carla Tablas has provided continuous support to our students in the EOPS/CARE program. Her 18 years of experience as an Administrative Specialist has helped a diverse range of students by providing helpful resources, but most importantly welcoming them into the college experience. Her dedication to our students is a constant reminder of who she was when she first walked into Mt. San Antonio Community College.


Carla was raised in a small community in the city of La Puente. Growing up, her parents would continuously encourage her to go to college and supported her career goal as a Radiologic Technologist. To her surprise, college was not what she expected. Like any college freshman, Carla felt lost, overwhelmed, and began to doubt her career goal. She began to face unexpected challenges and made the decision to take a long break from school. With the help and guidance of many EOPS/CARE counselors and her father, she faced her challenges and went back to school.


With hard work, focus, and dedication, Carla graduated and earned two Associate’s degrees at Rio Hondo Community College. She transferred to California State University of Los Angeles, where she earned her B.A. in Sociology. Her new career goal is to become a counselor where she is able to assist both high school and college students achieve their academic goals; facing and overcoming their personal challenges. Her advice to others is, “it is never too late” and “focus on you”!