Tony Rivas

Antonio Rivas, M.S. - C.C.C.

EOPS/CARE Counselor


Building: 9B-184
(909) 274-4692

A.A. Liberal Arts - Santa Ana College
B.A. Psychology - San Jose State University
M.S. Counseling (SDHE) - CSU Long Beach
Community College Certificate - CSU Dominguez Hills

Post-Graduate Coursework: Chapman University, CSU Fullerton, Brandman University 

Antonio Rivas, M.S. - C.C.C.

My Upbringing

I am Tony Rivas, one of your EOPS/CARE Counselors at Mt. San Antonio College.  I am a first-generation community college student who comes from a family of 10 siblings (seven brothers and two sisters).  I grew up in Santa Ana, California. My mom, dad, and siblings worked as Mexican migrant farm workers in various Southern California counties (Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego).  Their back-breaking work provided me with the educational opportunities that I was afforded as a community college student who later earned multiple degrees and which contributed to my path of eventually becoming an EOPS/CARE Counselor. 


Educational Journey

With the ongoing support of family and friends I attended a community college. Like many community college students, I struggled and persisted along this educational journey despite having experienced many obstacles.  I worked part-time as a custodian and as a federal work study student while completing my general education and major-based classes at Santa Ana College.  I transferred to San Jose State University and earned my bachelor's degree in Psychology. Years later, I pursued my master's degree in Counseling at CSU Long Beach. I have also completed post-graduate coursework in pedagogy, classroom practices, and community college leadership.


Value on Education

I place a high value on education and support all students who are on their own educational journey.  I am passionate about supporting and advocating for all students and I have honored this commitment for the past 15 years at Mt. SAC.  As an EOPS/CARE Counselor, I continue to work each day to help students reach their educational potential at and beyond Mt. SAC.


More About Me

I am a parent and husband.  I have three kids (one daughter and two sons) and one little Chihuahua dog named “Coco”. I am married and my wife is a former community college student who started her first educational experience by enrolling in ESL (English as a Second Language) classes as a non-credit student at her community college.   Three educational degrees later, she is now a full-time Professor of Spanish at a local community college and I am so proud of her for achieving these educational goals.  My family lives in Upland, California; we formerly lived in Santa Ana, California for 10 years. In my leisure time, I enjoy gardening, carpentry, volunteering, and serving on local boards and community-based organizations that serve to support students and educational initiatives.