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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Introduction to 3-D Modeling
Course Number: ANIM 130
Course Objectives:
  • Use appropriate tools and techniques to produce polygonal objects of varying complexity (hard-surface based and organic based) that can be used in games and animation media.
  • Create UV maps and apply simple textures and materials on hard-surface objects.
  • Plan, organize, and execute large scale modeling projects that include over 200 independent objects.
  • Critique polygonal modeling projects based on learned skills and concepts.
  • Students will be able to animate a bouncing ball in 3D Computer Graphics, using squash and stretch deformers, create movements to convey gravity and weight of a bouncing ball.
  • Students will be able to refine the ball?s squash and stretch animation with the Graph Editor.
  • Create a complete scene from photographic reference using all acquired 3D modeling techniques.