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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Fundamentals of Graphic Design
Course Number: ARTC 100
Course Objectives:
  • ARTC 100 students will be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of three important design elements: color, shape, and space.
  • ARTC 100 students will produce composites in Photoshop using effective selection techniques and non-destructive editing.
  • Critique graphic design projects based on learned skills and concepts.
  • Present original graphic design projects, explaining and defending the successful usage of learned skills and concepts.
  • Employ appropriate technology (hardware, software, and fabrication tools) to produce graphic design projects.
  • Operate effectively within small teams to solve typical graphic design problems.
  • Produce composites effectively using Photoshop selection techniques.
  • Design original commercial art, combining text and images to successfully communicate messages to a target audience.
  • Create thumbnails, sketches, roughs and comprehensives that effectively communicate creative thinking.