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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Raster Methods
Course Number: GEOG 15
Course Objectives:
  • Interpret, analyze and summarize results of a remote sensing
  • Apply basic concepts, methods and uses of accuracy assessment and ground truthing to the results of remote sensing workflows.
  • Perform basic remote sensing workflows to solve problems (such as acquiring data, feature extraction, change detection, pre- and post-processing, create composite images and image classification).
  • Describe characteristics of passive and active remote sensing systems (such as multispectral, LiDAR and Radar).
  • Analyze and explain remote sensing purposes, advantages, and limitations.
  • Select appropriate data set for remote sensing application based on spectral, temporal, radiometric and spatial resolution.
  • Define and describe remote sensing and explain its applications and history.
  • Describe commonly used remote sensing sensors and image acquisition methods.
  • Define and describe basics of electromagnetic spectrum and interactions with various types of media.