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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Space Planning for Interior Design I
Course Number: ID 25
Course Objectives:
  • Students will successfully research code requirements from multiple sources.
  • 1. Apply drafting skills and code knowledge to interior spaces. 2. Identify and define the purpose of federal and state regulatory acts, standards, organizations, and various codes that affect interiors. 3. Design code complaint spaces. 4. Use code books to research code information. 5. Decipher building construction types and apply appropriate codes. 6. Determine occupancy classifications and calculate occupant loads. 7. Diagram types of egress, their arrangements, capacity, and travel distance. 8. Arrange exit lighting and signage requirements. 9. Compare and contrast types of fire and smoke prevention, detection, and suppression systems. 10. Construct specifications with clearly communicated format and content.
  • Students will successfully demonstrate craftsmanship skills through implementing graphic standards in the drawing of a space.
  • Students will successfully use critical thinking to apply CAD nomenclature.