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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Continuing Intermediate Japanese
Course Number: JAPN 4
Course Objectives:
  • Students will analyze a short story and present a thematic statement.
  • Students will present a sketch in class using the vocabulary and grammar in context.
  • Students will be able to recall the Passive forms of Regular and Irregular Verbs.
  • The student will use the informal style, polite style and formal style (with honorifics and humble forms) in the three basic structures, N+ N, N+ADJ and N+V, properly in writing.
  • Students will be able to transcribe, recognize/define, and pronounce the Continued intermediate level-Japanese 4 vocabulary with correct usage of Hiragana, Katakana, and limited number of Kanji Characters.
  • Japanese 4 students will demonstrate their comprehension of a paragraph containing Japanese 4 vocabulary and grammar at a continuing intermediate level (See ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines)
  • Students will be able to answer questions about the Japanese culture.