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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Elementary Guitar
Course Number: MUS 23A
Course Objectives:
  • Ensemble and chords E, A, and D
  • Composition of sight reading
  • Sight reading on all six strings
  • Students who complete MUS 23A will be able to demonstrate their ability to tune the guitar with or without the help of a tuner.
  • Students who complete MUS 23A will demonstrate their ability to play two assigned pieces of music from their textbook used in the course using appropriate technique.
  • Proper posture, hand positions, and strumming technique
  • Notes, rhythms, and clefs
  • Music fundamentals, practice notes on the first and second strings
  • Note reading chords G, G7, F, and C
  • Scales, chords, strumming patterns, songs in groups
  • Notes on the third string, ensemble practice
  • Ties, rests, eighth and dotted notes
  • Notes on the fourth string
  • New strumming patterns
  • Sight reading on the first four strings, work on duets
  • Notes on the fifth string, key signatures
  • Notes on the sixth string