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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Jazz Encemble
Course Number: MUS 47
Course Objectives:
  • Students will gain experience in recognizing common jazz and commercial rhythmic patterns through music preparation.
  • Improvise stylistically in the jazz medium.
  • Identify stylistic characteristics related to historical accuracy of arrangements
  • Apply sight-reading skills.
  • Develop growth in musical and technical skills as instrumentalists.
  • Play jazz repertory in various styles.
  • To measure the benefits of travel with performing ensembles. The Mt SAC Jazz Ensemble will travel to compete at the Reno Jazz Festival. Competition is important in measuring student success as well as gaining recognition for the college as a whole. Students also gain exposure to other community college programs as well a 4 year university programs. This exposure shows the students the level that must be attained to perform with a high level university program. Students will also gain an educational benefit through the various master classes offered throughout the festival.
  • Students will gain experience recognizing common musical elements, including pitch identification, dynamics, and varied articulation, through music preparation.