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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Introduction to Music Technology
Course Number: MUS 9
Course Objectives:
  • Students who complete MUS 9 will be able to hook up a condenser microphone to a small road mixer (such as the Mackie 1202), trim the signal to an optimal level and route that signal to the main output.
  • Students who complete MUS 9 will be able to manipulate digital audio and MIDI using music production software.
  • Explain the history of music technologies from the advent of sound recording to the present.
  • Recognize, use and explain basic audio terms and concepts.
  • Apply knowledge of the physics of sound to generate a variety of musical timbres using software synthesizers
  • Use a multitrack digital audio editor to modify and combine sound samples.
  • Use a MIDI controller and sequencing software to create and modify MIDI song files.
  • Use music notation software to generate printed music from MIDI data.
  • Apply knowledge of digital audio file formats, storage media and modes of digital transmission to transport and disseminate sound.