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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Integrated Statistics
Course Number: Math 110S
Course Objectives:
  • Perform statistical inference for estimation and hypothesis testing.
  • Utilize computer technology to aide in the solution of statistical analyses.
  • Students will be able to use sample statistics to develop a confidence interval for population parameters.
  • Using sample statistics from one or more samples, students will be able to test a claim made about a population parameter.
  • Using bivariate data, students will be able to determine the strength, form, and direction (when linear) of a relationship between two variables.
  • Use correct statistical terminology and notation.
  • Distinguish between data types and appropriate numerical and graphical summaries
  • Distinguish between experimental and observational studies and appropriate conclusions
  • Validate methods of sampling
  • Explain the basic concepts of probability theory and calculate probabilities.
  • Determine probabilities, mean, standard deviation from discrete and probability distributions
  • Compute probabilities from continuous probability distributions