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Student Learning Outcomes

Discipline: Certificate: Accounting - Financial Planning - L0599
Course Name Course Number Objectives
Excel for Accounting BUSA 76 (VOC)
  • I am able to solve managerial accounting problems with Excel software
  • I am able to create a chart using Excel software
  • I am able to explain how Excel software should be used and applied by a company in its day to day business operations
Federal Income Tax Law BUSA 58
  • I am able to define accounting terms and concepts related to federal and state income tax
  • I am able to calculate tax accounting problems
  • I am able to prepare federal income tax returns
Financial Planning BUSA 71 (VOC)
  • I am able to develop a personal definition of financial success
  • I know how to evaluate my own personal spending patterns and create my own personal budgets
  • I am able to explain the importance of planning and saving for retirement during the course of my lifetime
Principles of Accounting - Financial BUSA 7 (VOC)
  • I am able to describe the basic accounting system and how it is used to serve business needs
  • I am able to analyze and record transactions, using a journal and a ledger, of varying degrees of difficulty including adjusting, and closing entries
  • I am able to utilize accounting information including financial statements to perform financial statement analysis
Principles of Accounting - Managerial BUSA 8
  • I am able to explain the role of the managerial accountant and describe the uses of managerial accounting information
  • I am able to distinguish between product and period costs and explain which of these costs are shown on the balance sheet and which costs are shown on the income statement
  • I am able to describe a job order cost accounting system and explain how manufacturing costs flow through the inventory accounts of the balance sheet and move onto the income statement.
QuickBooks for Accounting BUSA 75 (VOC)
  • I am able to use computerized accounting software to process accounting transactions
  • I am able to process collections from customers and update accounts receivable
  • I am able to prepare financial statements