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Student Learning Outcomes

Discipline: Certificate: Business: Human Resource Management - Level III - N0470
Course Name Course Number Objectives
Business Communications BUSO 25
  • I am able to use informative and sales letters to convey information and influence people favorably
  • I am able to develop and deliver a 3-5 minute presentation on a business related topic
  • I am able to compose an appropriate, effective letter presenting good news, bad news, sales, or persuasive content
Business Organization and Management BUSM 61 (VOC)
  • I am able to apply management concepts and functions
  • I am able to identify organizing principles and identify different organizational designs
  • I am able to perform the strategic planning process and utilize decision making models
Human Relations in Business BUSM 60 (VOC)
  • I am able to define organizational culture, socialization and mentoring
  • I am able to analyze social perception
  • I am able to review motivational theories related to organizational behavior
Human Resource Management BUSM 62 (VOC)
  • I am able to develop interviewing skills
  • I am able to write a job description and job specification
  • I am able to explain theory and practical application of Equal Employment Opportunity current employment laws
Microcomputer Applications CISB 15
  • Students completing CISB 15 - Microcomputer Applications will be able to effectively use formulas and functions in worksheets.
  • Students completing CISB 15 - Microcomputer Applications will be able to use Microsoft Word to create professional documents needed to create a computer security report.
  • Students completing CISB 15 - Microcomputer Applications will understand the importance of continuing their education in computer literacy.
Payroll and Tax Accounting BUSA 70 (VOC)
  • I am able to calculate wages and withholding amounts in payroll problems
  • I am able to identify payroll records required by the employer in preparation for filing tax forms for Social Security, federal and state income tax, state disability benefits, and federal and state unemployment
  • I am able to assemble payroll record keeping requirements for employers under current state and federal laws
Principles of Business BUSM 20 (VOC)
  • I am able to describe and explain social responsibility and business ethics
  • I am able to explain the global dimensions affecting businesses today and in the future
  • I am able to list and explain the foundations upon which business is built and the economic challenges facing the United States