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Student Learning Outcomes

Discipline: Certificate: Hospitality: Event Planning and Catering (Certificate E0379)
Course Name Course Number Objectives
Dining Room Service Management CUL 114
  • Differentiate between the various styles of service including: American (Pre-plated), English (Family), Russian (Platter), French (Gueridon).
  • Identify food safety and sanitation practices within a food service establishment.
Event Planning and Catering HRM 62
  • Students will be able to meet with prospective clients and plan all elements of a special event.
  • Develop a business plan for a catering business and understand the enormity of planning for and opening a small business.
Food Safety and Sanitation HRM 52
  • Identify foodborne pathogen, their sources, and resulting illnesses, and symptoms.
  • Determine the presence of foodborne-illness outbreak.
Hospitality Work Experience HRM 91
  • Demonstrate proficiency of skills specified in the measurable objectives.
  • Develop measurable skill-based learning objectives, which they will attain at the end of their work experience period.
Introduction to Hospitality HRM 51
  • Identify recognized hospitality leaders and analyze their leadership styles identifying key qualities, philosophies, or experiences associated with success in the field.
  • Describe opportunities for entry and advancement in the hospitality field and develop a career portfolio.
  • Identify a recognized hospitality leader and accurately describing type of leadership style adopted by this leader and the characteristics that made them successful.
  • Locate a current hospitality job, write a report on the prospective employer, write a cover letter and resume.
Menu Planning HRM 61
  • Analyze the popularity and profitability of a menu.
  • Calculate the recipe cost of an entire menu.
Principles of Foods with Laboratory NF 20
  • Students completing NF 20 - Principles of Foods with Lab will feel confident in their abilities to successfully follow recipes.
  • Students completing NF 20 - Principles of Foods - will be able to correctly identify key laboratory equipment and utensils appropriately.
  • Students completing NF 20 - Principles of Foods with Lab will be able to apply and present food science principles to the analysis of a recipe.
Professional Cooking I CUL 102
  • Recipe knowledge, accuracy and execution: Follow recipe procedures to produce food at the appropriate temperature, consistency, texture, flavor, and in a timely manner.
  • Plan a food production schedule and assemble the tools, equipment, and ingredients required to produce a recipe in an organized and efficient manner.