Student Services Critical Support

This page highlights Critical Support Services available right now.

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Mountie Fresh Food Pantry - COMING UP NEXT

Location: Building 67A-103

Go to site for more info

Current MT. SAC ID Card is REQUIRED
Students without a Mt. SAC ID Card will need to provide Spring 2020 Schedule and Regular ID. NO EXCEPTIONS

Please be prepared to show your MT. SAC ID card or combination of regular ID
and Spring 2020 Class Schedule by holding it up against the closed car window when you are asked.
This practice is essential to ensure limited resources are provided to Mt. SAC students and to ensure SAFETY for all.

Limit: One (1) Basket per Student



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Student Laptop Loans

Mt. SAC STUDENT Request for Computer and/or Internet Access
Need a laptop and/or Wi-Fi access? 
See Laptop Loans Request Form
Laptop Loan distribution appointments are still available

Also, check out our Critical Support info page.
There are also Reduced Cost and Free Internet Access Options widely available and listed by the state Chancellor’s Office.
Make sure to check your Mt. SAC email daily for more information.


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The Health Center is OPEN ONLINE

Student Health Services is now scheduling appointments for TeleHealth medical visits with our physicians and nurse practitioners
and TeleMentalHealth counseling visits with our therapists. It’s easy to reach us!

1. Call: (909) 274-4400 Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm
 Schedule an appointment with a physician, nurse practitioner, or therapist
• Speak to a staff nurse
 Get answers to your questions 
• Receive assistance
 Access information about local urgent clinics and emergency rooms

2. Email:
 Receive email responses to your health questions or concerns 

3. Online: 
• Medical Services
 Mental Health, Personal Counseling
 Health Education
 …and so much more!

Our Psychology Department Faculty has put together a comprehensive list of resources in this document.
Resources and Services for Students in Response to COVID-19


Here are many more Student Resources available to you now:
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Student Services and FAQ

Student Services Programs

Guidance on how to get started online

Frequently Asked Questions


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Thrive Online Student Resources

How to get started online



and more...

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Health Alerts

President's Message

Health Alert Advisories