target image of student in colorsDEISA: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Social Justice, and Anti-Racism for Professional Development

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Faculty Coordinator for Equity Certification:
Dr. Mica Stewart (

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GREAT Reading Group with a DEISA Focus

One Book, One Campus is a joint project with the Title V Grant. The campus has voted and has chosen Kindred, by Octavia E. Butler, for its 2021-2022 selection. This form is for Mt. SAC Faculty to indicate interest in joining a discussion group. If you have questions or comments about the discussion group, please contact Dr. Mica Stewart ( or for questions about acquiring the book, contact Dr. Lisa Rodriguez (

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ITEL: Inclusive Teaching for Equitable Learning

Microcredential Course Modules:

  • Managing the Impact of Bias
  • Reducing Microaggressions in Learning Environments
  • Addressing Imposter Phenomenon and Stereotype Threat
  • Creating Inclusive Learning Environments
  • Designing Equity-Centered Courses

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CORA Equity in Education Certificates

Sign up for an orientation beginning April 6th, 2022. 

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Past FLEX Day Resources:

Title Content

Your Roadmap To Educational & Personal Greatness  with Dr. Mica Stewart 8/20/21


Equity-Focused Groups at Mt. SAC

Web page (Title V)

CCC Chancellor's DEI Task Force Documents, Videos


One Book, One Campus Great Reading Group: Kindred Fall 2021 with Dr. Mica Stewart

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USC's Center for Urban Education/Race and Equity Center's Toolkits


Infusing Empathy and Indigenous Approaches in the Classroom (Rebecca Ly)

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A2MEND African American Male Community College Student Advocacy
APAHE  Advocacy organization that addresses issues affecting Asian Pacific American students, staff, faculty, and administrators.
What is Empathy?  Website
Disability Rights (California) Website
COLLEGAS Website, Advocacy Group: Information, Networking, Support,
Education and Training for Community College Administrators
Campus PRIDE Website, LGBTQ advocacy and resources for college communities
Excelencia in Education! Data briefs, reports, research on H.S.I.'s, Latino education, advocacy, closing equity gaps
HACU Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities website
NASPA Professional organization for Student Affairs faculty and administrators
Diverse Issues in Higher Education Website

DEISA in the context of the Title V Professional Development Grant (2019-2024):
DEISA is the foundational outcome of each of the 7 goals, 9 measurable objectives, and 32 projects of the Title V Grant,
"Creating an Equity Minded Campus Culture to Improve Student Outcomes"  (Learn more here about the Title V Grant)

1. Support faculty in exploration of new research and teaching models that enhance student learning and improve educational outcomes for students from diverse backgrounds.

2.Improve practices that integrate technology with academic excellence to create an enhanced learning environment for a diverse student body.

3.Build the capacity of faculty to access, understand, and use data to measure the impact of pedagogies on student outcomes.

4.Provide staff with the knowledge and skills required for effectively engaging students in meaningful and culturally responsive ways.

5.Enhance students’ cultural awareness, personal development, and leadership skills.

6.Increase students’ financial literacy, including awareness of financial aid options, financial planning, and debt management. [Competitive Preference Priority (CPP) 2]

7.Improve campus-wide cultural competence and cross-cultural dialogue.